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November 19, 2003

Talks at Apachecon

Geoffrey Young did a couple of tests on "Writing Tests with Apache-test" and "Why mod_perl 2.0 Sucks, Why mod_perl 2.0 rocks" which should eventually be linked from There's a version of the Apache-test talk from an early conference up there already. Geoff is a great speaker -- very enthusiastic, knowledgeable, funny. Go see him. He's a star.

Stas Bekman did a tutorial on mod_perl 2 which was much more in-depth and has links to his slides and handouts. Nice handouts, but he's not quite as easy to listen to as Geoff.

Doc Searls Talk (might take a few hours before this gets up there). He basically said that the Apache community should keep on the way they are, which is basically to ignore the vendors and just keep building what they think they should. And he points out that this is worked quite well so far. In particular, that Apache is by far the most popular web server in the world, used far more than any other, including Microsoft.

I'll add more about the other speakers later once I get some coffee.

Posted by YandaMan at November 19, 2003 6:00 PM
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